The truth about trying to stay healthy onboard a yacht and what you can do to change it.

Whether it was you, or someone you know, most yachties go into the industry looking like a supermodel, and a few months later, well, to say the least, not so much any more…. But why is this?

If you have ever worked onboard a yacht, you will understand why it is so hard to live a healthy lifestyle, as there is loads of temptation that comes your way 24/7. It’s a vicious cycle, and without strong willpower, you will succumb to the unhealthy lifestyle.
Working onboard a luxury yacht you have 24 hour full access of sugary soft drinks, the chef whips a three course meal three times a day for you ( keep in mind, this usually contains loads of starches, pastries, breads, pastas, proteins… and some veggies and salads on the side if you feel like being healthy)

You go to different countries very often, which then brings me to my next problem… every country has different foods and different temptations…AND WE HAVE TO TRY THEM ALL!

Your boat is always moving around, so you feel like you can never get into a steady gym or exercise routine (unless you work on a yacht with a gym).

Charter season is busy, and as soon as the guests step off the boat, all you feel like doing is unwinding, and what better way to unwind, than by stepping off the boat, getting all your crew together and going on a proper booze up at the closest crew bar? Only to indulge in a kebab after the booze up, waking up with a bad ass hangover, not feeling like doing ANYTHING, and pigging out on more junk food. Sounds bad? I promise you, this was my experience working onboard the yachts, and so many of my friends experiences….
There’s no reason for us to live these unhealthy lifestyles as yachties, but what most of us struggle with is the horrible feeling of FOMO ( Fear Of Missing Out). Whether we miss out on that delicious meal, that amazing drink or that eventful night out with all the crew. You do not have to miss out on all these things, but you need to make a couple of changes in your life, so you can keep enjoying your life onboard while feeling happy with yourself.
Here’s a couple of tips to get you started:

You do not need to eat everything that is put out. You know what it tastes like. Eat what your body needs. Make healthy choices. Become best buddies with the chef and tell him your preferences.


Avoid soft drinks and sugary drinks completely. Infuse your water with fruits like berries, cucumber, mint and lemon. 100% Cold pressed juices are best, and you can do it yourself, as most boats have juicers.

a glass of fresh drinking water and a lime. mineral water as a t

Yes, this one is hard, I know. Start off by drinking spritzers or mixing your drinks with soda water. You will soon realize the benefits of drinking less, and naturally you will drink less.No-to-Alcohol

If you had a jam packed week full of charter guests, and more coming up soon, don’t go out tonight, rather get some much needed sleep. Don’t be the one that always want to go home latest either.


Slap on that sun protection and apply it several times a day.ft


Make use of water sports when on anchor or in marina when owners/ guests are not on board by kayaking, swimming, diving, boarding or stand up paddling. When in the marina, go for walks, jogs, bicycle hire, gymnasium and even swimming pools.


Written by Melissa Gatt

Former stew/cook,

Marketing @ Surf Yachts