The Building Blocks of Yachting


When you were a kid you probably played with some sort of building blocks that helped you form words that would later be shaped into sentences, then paragraphs and then finally a solid foundation for writing and speaking that would get you a place in society.

The words of yachting are your basic requirements, your sentences your interviews, the paragraphs the assignments you undertake, and your foundation is your experiences, further courses you take and the positive networking you do.

STCW MPT 2015 002

STCW or the standards of training certification and watch-keeping is the worldwide minimum standard requirements necessary to enter into a yachting career, so no matter where you go the basics may get your foot in the door for your first or next adventure.

STCW MPT 2015 004

I was always told from the beginning that the most basic and probably one of the most important building blocks of success in yachting are the networking skills.  Because of the diversity of the industry a minimum standards was developed and adhered to worldwide so everyone is on the same page.


STCW MPT 2015 020

In addition to the STCW, the agencies, which are a great place to start your immersion into the industry, will require an amazing cv or curriculum vitae which means “of my life”. However, there is a certain marine style format that they will be looking for.

Also, in addition to a cv you will need some type of security course depending on what position or role you will play upon the vessel.  PSA or personal safety awareness is a four hour course, super basic and will suffice until you are placed on the security bill or asked to do a gangway watch or even sit watch on a vessel.  If that is the case you may be required by the vessel to hold a VPDSD certificate which means vessel person with designated security duties.


A certificate of basic health called the Eng 1 or ML5 is required on most vessels  and other courses such as food hygiene certificate (one for stews/other personnel that handle food and one separate for chefs), is becoming more and more required on most vessels as well now.

If you are going for a chef’s position you will need culinary school or some formal training and on many vessels in the UK you will need the ship’s cook certificate for boats that have 10 or more crew you will be cooking for in addition to guests.


Each year it seems that there are more and more certificates required to get in and stay in the yachting industry, which better streamlines the crews in a way where we all have the same basic knowledge, creating an amazing set of standards that employers can count on.

Having all the foundation, solid, in place and ready to build upon is the best course for getting into and making it in the yachting industry.  The places that many vessels take you, the scenery, the people you meet and all the great food you are exposed to creates amazing memories for a lifetime.

Keep in mind that yachting is not just a job, it is a way of life…an amazing lifestyle that is not for everyone and certainly is exciting to live!  Chef Peter Z from the Sea signing off for now!

Get the credentials you need when in the USA at you will be glad you did!

 Written by: Peter Ziegelmeier

Monaco-Chef Peter Z

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