Sun-sational St.Maarten


It’s no wonder that people from around the globe and especially in the yachting sector flock to this Caribbean paradise, filled with super sunsets and sensational scenery that make all the senses tingle and puts you in the mood to mingle…and mingle they do down at the Sunset Bar, located at the end of the runway at the Princess Juliana Airport on the Dutch West Indies side of the island.

All types of aircraft come here to bring happy island hoppers to this mystical place and aircraft sadly take others back to their own realities unlike the island life.

St. Maarten-Feb. 2014 093

Sitting back at the bar and watching the planes take off and power spray tons of sands and rock into the faces and bodies of tourists and some locals has become an island pastime that drops jaws and pops bikini tops off as well.

This well-known destination bar is notorious for topless optional ladies well oiled and liquored up looking for fun in the sun and a cool bevy in the belly.

 St. Maarten 072

This is a favorite spot for the yachties that come and briefly stay or return season after season for a delightful diversion from “doing the boat thang”…

….and getting this island style perk is why many are taking their chances as crew on these mega and super beauties that paint the marinascapes with an awe all its own.  Although the days are long and contrary to popular belief you really do have to work smart and hard, the rewards handled professionally can be quite alluring and sumptuously titillating.

St. Maarten-Feb. 2014 072

When the Arawaks first settled this nest of beautiful views I do not believe they could imagine what this island would have in store for it. This island is owned half by the Netherland Antilles and the French.  Each side has its own attributes which are definitely worth exploring and each time you return to this amazing place you will find a way to reinvent yourself even only for a couple of hours at a time!  

Crew’s thirsty for some fun and excitement…and can find everything and anything on this tropical paradise.

St. Maarten 016

Written by Peter Ziegelmeier.

Photos by Peter Ziegelmeier.

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