Spice Up Your Menu…..Monster-wiches, Sliderz and Drinkatizers!


Most of the time being a yacht chef is pretty cool. The best part is designing and creating fun menu items that are different for the owners and guests, things you do not really see on menus that often or at all. One of my favorite things to create is called the “Monsterwich”!

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This type of sandwich is one that you almost cannot put down until you are finished with every last bite. The Monsterwich on the top left is a ¾ # burger filled with seven shredded cheeses, then a slice of white Vermont cheddar, then slow roasted pulled pork bbq, then a “Junkyard Dawg” (a full length hot dog filled with cheese, wrapped in bacon and deepfried crisp, then more pulled pork bbq, more white Vermont cheddar, then chipotle mayo and my new hot sauce I created (Hotty Yachty smoked habanero hot sauce).

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Fun little sandwiches called “Sliderz”, which is part of the name of my second cook book coming out soon, are great to add to the menu and are great afternoon snacks or lite lunch items! The little sandwiches are even great to add to concoctions I like to call, “Drinkatizers”.   Having your own world of food and beverages is super exciting to the yacht chef! I would love to hear from the yacht chefs of the world about what new and fun menu items you have created.

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My favorite Drinkatizers to play around with is the classic bloody Mary because there are so many garnishes you can add. At the top of the page you will see a picture of a handled mason jar bloody Mary infused with Hotty Yachty smoked habanero hot sauce, tangy spicy shrimp, crisp applewood smoked bacon and classic garne. Putting a signature or brand to your food and your products is a super cool way to keep mixing it up and staying on top of your game. Always doing the same repertoires of food can be taxing especially if you are full time with the same owners and same crew all the time. I find that freelancing allows for a bit more creative spirit than not. My first cookbook, Chef Peter Ziegelmeier’s Dreams of A Yacht Chef-Food For Thought came out in 2012 (see picture below), my new book, SLIDERz-super luscious individual divine eating realities, will be finished this year and coming out early 2016. It will be available on ebook, hard and soft cover editions from www.xlibris.com . You can find my current book on www.amazon.com and www.bn.com, all three websites carry the book, Amazon will be your best bet for price.

Start creating chefs and send me pictures and descriptions to [email protected] I will write a future blog and feature your creations! Chef Peter Z from the Sea signing off for now!

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