My Marvellous Med


The Mediterranean offers up an amazing canvas that one can paint with their own version of what it is to be completely enthralled with the yachting scene from a crew member POV.  As drones fly overhead captivating the amazing scenery boat side is where I am getting my eye full!

The ingredients that one can find in the Med are incredible, very fresh seafood, produce, freshly made pesto, baked goods, salami, prosciutto, Buffalo mozzarella, handmade cheeses, spice blends found anywhere else on the planet and so much more it is truly baffling!

Porto de Magdelenna-Sardegna, Italy July 2014 041 (1)

Photo: Porto de Megdelenna – Sardegna

St. Tropez-Day 1-2, July 16-17, 2014 009 (1)

Photo: St. Tropez

The experience is that of a lifetime and getting paid to do it on top of it is icing on the cake!  Picturesque views fill the horizons as 50 shades of blue water sparkle and dance from the bright light of the sun. Sea birds shimmy in the winds as charter guests dine on world class cuisine on the various decks of the yachts!

The strangers that you meet today may become your friends of tomorrow.

Ishcia to Cala Galera-Sorrento-Capri Aug 2014 105

Photo: Ishcia to Cala Galera – Sorrento – Capri

So by immersing yourself into the local scene wherever you may go in the Med is a sure way to maximize your experiences. I have met some of the most interesting characters, selfless characters that would extend a helping hand no matter what. Being allowed an opportunity to cruise in and around the Med is truly a remarkable way to experience some of the most wonderful and magical sites one could imagine.

St. Tropez-Day 1-2, July 16-17, 2014 030 (1)

Markets flow from produce, to artisan breads, olives, meats, spices, fish, seafood, cheeses and all with fantastic varieties to offer.  The eager to sell, locals and those that come from afar will promptly assist you in obtaining their wares so you my chef’s can paint those table top canvases with your works of beautiful food art.  

The feeling one gets when you go from physically going out and doing your own shopping and hand picking the items and then bringing it back to the boat mile after mile of walking and then prepping, cooking and presenting is surely a labor of love that most genuinely will not go unnoticed.

Next time, or for the first time you are in the Med, make it marvelous and make it magnificent.

Chef Peter Z from the Sea….signing out for now!

Genova to Portofino-June-July 4th-2014 132 (1)

Written by: Peter Ziegelmeier

Photos: Pete’s own

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