Gems from the sea!


Clear blue waters and amazing sunrises and sunsets the Caribbean offers a treasure trove of picturesque horizons.  Remembering that each minute the clouds and scenery painted upon the sky will never be the same as the next minute leaves you with a feeling of tranquility unmatched by other areas of the globe. 

Finding myself on the Island of St. Maarten, where palm trees sway in the breeze without a care, the waters are filled with gazillion dollar yachts.  Peaceful surroundings and sunny days with puffy clouds dotting the sky and an occasional rainbow are the norms in this part of the world.


Yacht Southern Cross -  Main

There are magical and mystical places all over this amazing planet we call Earth.  The Mediterranean circuit is a prime example of amazing splendor just about everywhere you look.   Truly more than a job yachting is certainly a lifestyle….and beyond.

Cala Galera to Ischia Aug 7-8, 2014 044



Enjoy some of these photos that will affect each of you in different ways, many pulling out deep emotions and stirring the soul and others create a sense of wanton excitement that is second to none.

Having to live with complete strangers from all over the world, put up with close quarters, little time off, drama and more drama, rules and regulations and the usual day to day fuss, scenery that you encounter somehow makes it all seem so worthwhile!



PORTO CERVO TO BONAFACIO Corsica-I Phone Pix-2014 010

Life lessons learned on board will become valuable tools for those who eventually return to land for work.  The comradery experienced on the vessels, the friendships built, the relationships founded and nurtured, the valuable skills and the life lessons are a strong lure that calls 1000’s of people to the sea almost every day!   A true delight are the tales from the sea you bring back with you each and every time you return from the bosom of the ocean tales filled with triumphs, tribulations and sometimes terror….truly memories of a lifestyle and a lifetime!


Chef Peter Z from the Sea signing off until next time!  Thanks for enjoying and all their great concierge services!



PORTO CERVO TO BONAFACIO Corsica-I Phone Pix-2014 015

PORTO CERVO TO BONAFACIO Corsica-I Phone Pix-2014 042

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