Discovering A Bahamian Breeze


Hybourne Cay is a private island in the northern part of the Exumas in the Bahamas.  Once a haven for the seafaring scallywags of the 15th Century now lies in wait for the lifestyles of the rich and maybe not so famous. 

An island that once cultivated watermelons now cultivates the well to do, steady tourism and a plethora of yachts, their owners and guests and of course the “yachties” of our great industry.

Solace, sun, surf and stone crabs makes for a typical day in the Exumas making these wonderfully sweet crab claws highly sought after in the islands. A versatile crab that can be cooked, chilled, cracked and picked and enjoyed as is or dipped in a Dijon mustard sauce. I use this sweet white crab meat in a seafood soup made with fresh caught snapper stock, hunks of grilled red snapper and mahi mahi that puts a warm smile on any face.  My favorite dish to prepare for the guests with the stone crab meat is a pesto Alfredo crème pasta and fresh tomato concasse with leaves of bright green basil and a sewing of Parmaggiano –Reggiano.


This little gem in the middle of the ocean and part of a small chain of islands in the Caribbean awaits to be explored.  Secluded lagoon areas with crystal clear aquamarine waters invite you to wade out into its depths.

A wooden swing built for two languidly sways in the Bahamian breeze whispering your name, coaxing you to put your feet up and “chillax” as you take in the picturesque view.  With its pretty amazing view and deserted beaches this destination looks like a setting from earlier days James Bond films.

The working yachting will surely find a few moments from here to there to snap amazing photos with the go pro and grab some insane footage of what lies beneath and on the surface of the island.  The lucky relaxing, hurry up and wait yachtie will find shallow lagoon pools to wade into and swim about with the local fish.



Just be careful of the bull sharks that lurk around many times with the normally docile nurse sharks and remoras.

Using delicious ingredients harvested from on and around the island this take on a Latin inspired Zarzuela with a Jamaican twist and a Bahamian Bump makes it to the menu.  Stone crab, red snapper, mahi mahi, warm water petite lobster tail and snapper stock with hints of jerk seasonings and veggies makes this a great way to nab an amazing lunch and then find yourself snoozing in the hammock just in time for a late afternoon swim to refresh yourself and get ready for yet another sweet meal later in the evening, but first hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.


Riding my one speed, back pedal to brake, old school beach cruiser bicycle around the island a morning filled with discovery was in order.  The private villas are available for booking and hiring a private chef to catering to your island style whims is also an excellent amenity offered by the marina concierge.  These charming spacious villas have a two hundred and forty degree view that overlooks clear waters that seem to go on indefinitely. Local nurse sharks spoiled by the tourists and locals alike swim nearby the boats and docks hoping for a tasty morsel or two.

Whether you come to the Exumas looking for a great fishing, diving or relaxing adventure of sorts you will be sure to find something that strikes your fancy. Humble beginnings, middles and ends this striking Caribbean location will surely tantalize your taste buds, massage your mind and keep you dreaming about this picture perfect location for years to come!  Remember that your  were put on this earth to enjoy yourself so do so!

Chef Peter Z from the Sea signing out for now!

Written by: Peter Ziegelmeier


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