The Monaco Yacht Show 2015


An event of all superlatives, the Monaco Yacht Show attracts superyachting aficionados from every corner of the world and they gather at Port Hercules for four days, surrounded by yachts, super yachts and their toys.

This year marked its 25th year at Port Hercules and visitors and participants discovered a brand new and extended setting on port, a greater chance for the visitors to admire the 121 yachts.

The show really is a perfect opportunity for yachting aficionados to showcase their yachts, get to know new vendors as well as meet other yachtees. It has grown considerably over the years  and that is why nowadays it the Monaco Yacht Show is synonymous with luxury and superyachts.

Vendors are ranging from Yacht Design,  Interior Works, Sailmakers, Luxury Water toys to insurers.

As for the yachts though, they truly are remarkable as per usual. Heesen Yachts, Fraser, Imperial, Baltic, Ferretti and Monte Carlo Yachts were only a few of the companies which are showcasing this weekend!

And there is still a whole day left of the Monaco Yacht Show and so we will update you with more details over the next week! Stay tuned!

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