The Monaco sofa – a new collaboration from BoConcept


If you want something eye-catching and sublimely comfortable, something you can customise to make your own and something more than boxy and out-of-the-box you can have it with BoConcept’s new Monaco sofa. Developed in collaboration with renowned Dutch designer Frans Schrofer, this sofa is the ideal addition to any modern home.


Taking the idea of a stop sign as his starting point, Frans Schrofer has created a visually arresting piece of furniture – it captures your attention, and holds on to it. Unique heavy-stitched seams and hexagonal armrests combine the quality and attention to detail you expect from BoConcept with Schrofer’s sense of contemporary design with a twist. Innovative double-layer diamond-sculpted seat cushions ensure that your sofa will always keep its shape, and ergonomic backrests make this a sofa you sit in – not just on.


Fully modular so you can customise it to your own personal needs and available in the in complete range of BoConcept’s fabrics and leathers, the Monaco sofa is an exciting new addition to the BoConcept collection.



Frans Schrofer has been a leading light of Dutch furniture design for the past three decades. A graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven, he has created pieces for a range of market-leading brands and is a Red Dot Award winner for 2015. His design company, Studio Schrofer, is based in The Hague, Netherlands. The Monaco sofa is his first collaboration with BoConcept.

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