Molecular Fusion…a new take on your regular cocktail


I’m sure you have that local pub you like to go to for a few post-work drinks or for a night out. Well, the barman has even started preparing your usual as soon as he sees you walking in.

You keep telling yourself that you’re going change your drink for the next round…try something different. Hey, that cocktail DOES sound nice on the menu,actually. The next round comes…and you have your usual.

I don’t know about you…but it definitely happens to me most of the time I go out. I promise myself that I’m going to try that drink that I read about last week…but alas, I never do.


I mean, it’s a drink right? If you don’t like it, you’ll simply cross that out of your list next time, then you’re adamant that you’ll stick to your usual.

So why is it hard to try new drinks? Maybe they’re not appealing enough? Not too sure what drink you’d like instead?

Now this takes me to the main point of this blog:  Molecular Fusion.

Who would’ve thought you could drink a cocktail which pops, smokes, foam and explodes? (not a full on blast one though)

Run by Edward Bonello, Molecular Fusion is the only bespoke molecular gastronomical cocktail within the Maltese Islands.


Mostly attending weddings and events alike, Edward Bonello and his team will make your event one to remember. You’ll definitely want to put your usual drink on the side for now and try one of his cocktails.

A smoking godfather? Even the name is intriguing! Amaretto and Jack Daniels smoked with apple wood…definitely added to my beverage bucket list now.

Smoking godfather

A radioactive martini. A martini that glows in the dark..literally. Citrus Brule…fresh lemon, lime and orange, fresh caramel…vanilla and sounds appealing that’s for sure.


Edward has carefully and smartly adapted our usual, custom cocktails into this molecular feast. Once you’ve tried one of Molecular Fusion’s drinks, the other drinks do tend to become quite…boring.

So be it a wedding, a birthday party or any other even you’re planning on can rely on Molecular Fusion to make your event stand out more than the rest.

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Written by: Lyndsey Hollington

Photos: Molecular Fusion

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